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Let me draw you bud ! :)


stoick cheering for astrid just makes me so happy. 


Toothless WIP.  Remember to save often kids… had to redraw the center toothless twice because I didn’t save and nearly lost ALL my work! D:

Anyway, bit closer to completion.  Colors tomorrow!




New HTTYD2 Stills from the ‘Black Sheep’ clip

Fishlegs calls Ruff ‘Darling’!

And look how Stoick cheers on his future daughter!

Future daughter?! Astrid and hiccup are not siblings! He will be her father in law for fk sake.

Oftentimes, people consider their new children’s spouse as their own child, even if they are not. So Valka and Stoick would call Astrid their new daughter, and Astrid’s parents would call Hiccup their new son. Not everyone does this obviously, but it is common.

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